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6 Tips to Stay Safe During Road Construction

Road construction looks to improve the conditions of the road, whether it is widening them, repairing potholes, or in other ways. Those who come out to make these upgrades and repairs have difficult jobs that are also dangerous. Rather than risk safety when conforming to road construction work, put the six tips below to use when on the job.

1- Wear Reflector Vests

Reflector vests come in bright colors like neon yellow and green that stand out to drivers so they see workers. Reflectors add an added layer of protection to the worker. Use these vests to maintain protection and safety.

2- Work Hours

Make sure your roadwork takes place during daylight hours whenever possible. If work is completed at night, take extra precautions to stay safe.

3- Follow the Rules

There are rules in place to follow on the job when working that keep you safe. Don’t ignore these rules and make any violations that put your safety at risk.

4- Make This Purchase

automated flagger assistance device

Many companies no longer use human flaggers and instead use an automated flagger assistance device. This device makes the project safer and more affordable, since a person isn’t needed to stand guard.

5- Safety Equipment

Safety equipment keeps everyone on the job safe. Some safety equipment is mandatory, other is optional, but all can protect those on the job. Make sure it is put to use when completing road work in construction projects.

6- Be Aware

One of the most important tips to remember during road construction jobs is to be aware of your surroundings at all times. It is shocking to learn how many accidents occur simply because people were not careful or paying attention to their surroundings. Don’t be amongst those people.